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RE: [textualcriticism] Nomen Sacrum for Pneuma

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  • Williams, Dr Peter J.
    Dirk Jongkind wrote: Whilst reading Ehrman s Whose Word is It ... Maurice Robinson is informative in the 5th comment on:
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 15, 2007
      Dirk Jongkind wrote: 'Whilst reading Ehrman's 'Whose Word is It'...'

      Maurice Robinson is informative in the 5th comment on: http://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.com/2005/12/review-of-bart-ehrman-misquoting-jesus_31.html

      I quote:

      'Ehrman's claim that the nomen sacrum for ?????? was ??? would not be as problematic had not Ehrman made *exactly* the same error in his revision of Metzger's Text of the New Testament! I can only conclude that Ehrman's intention in claiming ??? must be deliberate.

      As noted, Ehrman's claim regarding 1Cor 12:13 depends upon this false identification. In fact, the few minuscules that read POMA (630 1510 1881 al) more likely simply confused the *minuscule* continuous text form of ??? with the word ?o?? (compare any minuscule MS to see the point).'

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    • Bart Ehrman
      Sorry all. It s a typo. Or rather, a scribal corruption. -- B Bart D. Ehrman James A. Gray Professor Department of Religious Studies University of North
      Message 2 of 5 , Feb 15, 2007

            Sorry all.  It’s a typo.  Or rather, a scribal corruption.

        -- B


        Bart D. Ehrman

        James A. Gray Professor

        Department  of Religious Studies

        University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



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        Subject: Re: [textualcriticism] Nomen Sacrum for Pneuma


        There are no examples of PMA listed in O'Callaghan (1970).


        At 15:47 15/02/2007, you wrote:

        >Whilst reading Ehrman's 'Whose Word is It' (apparently published
        >elsewhere as 'Misquoting Jesus') I stumbled over an explanation of 1 Cor
        >12:13 (page 91). Here the nomen sacrum of PNEUMA is used to explain the
        >move from PNEUMA EPOTISQHSEN to POMA EPOTISQHSEN. This is the argument:
        >'The word Spirit (PNEUMA) would have been abbreviated in most
        >manuscripts as PMA [with overstroke; DJ], which understandably could be
        >- and was - misread by some scribes as the Greek word for "drink"
        >I certainly agree that it is a short step from PMA to POMA, but I cannot
        >recollect having seen the nomen sacrum PMA, only PNA (which,
        >incidentally, would lessen the optical similarity between PNA and POMA).
        >I would be most grateful if somebody could help me with some examples of
        >PMA instead of PNA. Any suggestions?
        >Dirk Jongkind, PhD
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