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RE : Re: [textualcriticism] Hebrew NT

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  • bob renard
    Salut, ... It is sure quite sure that there was a gospel that was written in hebrew. He was in use by jewish-christian such as ebionites or nazaréens .
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 13, 2007
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      > Thank you for commenting on this, all. What you
      > have confirmed is that this is too vague and
      > uncertain of an area for anyone to start making
      > claims that the NT was written in Hebrew. There is
      > very little evidence, if any, that this was the
      > case. I especially appreciate the links provided as
      > it will give me further reading.

      It is sure quite sure that there was a gospel that was
      written in hebrew. He was in use by "jewish-christian"
      such as "ebionites" or "nazaréens". That gospel may is
      the primary source of the matthew gospel, or at least
      is a version of that one.

      Jérome says he saw a copy of it. I think Eusèbius too.

      You must take a look there:
      to the gospels of the hebrews, of the nazoreans,and of
      the ebionites.

      They are searchers that writes about this, i think of
      two at the moment: Robert Einsenman The Dead Sea
      Scrolls and the First Christians: Essays and
      Translations ; and in french "Le messie et son
      prophète", see in english here :
      that talk about links between "jewish-christianity"
      and Islam.

      Are they links to the texts of XIVe and XVIe siècles
      you were all talking about ? I have heard about them,
      but never found.

      And links to a translation oh the aramean Matthew ?

      thank you

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