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Re: Provenance list for NT MSS? And GOOGLE tips

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    ... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mr. Dykes replies: Dear Mr. Cox, I am at work on presenting such data, but am some ways away from being done. Much
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2007
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      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "Bryan Cox" <b_coxus@...> wrote:
      > I may be overlooking an obvious source, but can someone tell me if
      > there is a list somewhere that gives the provenance (and perhaps
      > mentions if the provenance is assumed?) of each New Testament
      > Manuscript?
      > I am interested in the geographical distribution (based on provenance)
      > of extant New Testament manuscripts (is there a good "map" of this
      > somewhere?).

      Mr. Dykes replies:

      Dear Mr. Cox,

      I am at work on presenting such data, but am some ways away from being
      done. Much useful information exists, but is (as you apparently know)
      widely scattered. Do you have a specific MS in mind? If you can wait
      for a year or so, I shall have the data posted on many minuscule MSS
      and some uncials.

      Tips for downloading from GOOGLE BOOKS:

      To view the finished downloads one needs Adobe Acrobat Reader version
      6 or higher. Version 5 does not open the media (usually), or it will
      only open black and white images within the downloaded file, the other
      pages appear blank. Version 6 opens all the pages for reading!

      I discovered (as many already know) that during a download of an
      e-book, Google will "disconnect" leaving an unusable file. Sometimes
      the disconnects average twice per megabyte! I have found that this
      (below) resumer works best to completely download the file. It is a
      free resumer, and is configurable. To use it, you must also give the
      creator your email address to receive an unlock code. I find it very
      very reliable, and powerful. I have not lost a file yet!! In one 83 MB
      download it automatically reconnected 162 times, all on its own!! At
      the end of the download, it prepares (assembles) the whole PDF file.
      One should rename the download to a understandable name.

      The free download resumer is located here:


      Even if your ISP breaks the connection, all one needs to do is just
      click on the restart "button" and it picks up where it left off on the
      download. AOL connections are notorious for disconnecting.

      Here is my procedure:

      I find the GOOGLE text I want in Mozilla, activate the Fresh
      Downloader ( it shows an icon ) drag and drop the "download" button to
      the icon, and the download starts. After the download begins, I will
      usually close Mozilla, and just work from the Fresh Download box. It
      is persistent! I find it works well with my firewall and antivirus
      softwares as well, so I leave them on.

      As is well known, for many folks "out in the sticks" the GOOGLE
      downloads, (both old and new [which one usually pays for]) can serve
      as a basic research library! And the texts are still very very useful!
      A great supplement to ANY library. I also search the GOOGLE site in
      foreign languages, such as in German, French, Spanish and Latin, i.e.
      Testament/Testamentum: Palaeography/Paleographie: New/Neuen et al.

      Mr. Gary S. Dykes
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