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Re: [textualcriticism] Mark 15:17 - They Clothed Him in Purple

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  • David Robert Palmer
    Jim Snapp wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2006

      Jim Snapp wrote:

      <<  As I was proof-reading the Greek Uncial Archetype of Mark, I noticed
      a variant in 15:17 that does not appear in N-A.

      Alex.: KAI ENDIDUSKOUSIN  >>

      These are both 3rd person present indicative active for "put on."

      Blass in BDF Sec. 73 says ENDIDUSKEIN appears to be the Doric dialect of ENDUEIN.
      Most of the Greek literature we are familiar with is Attic, based in Athens.  The Doric was based in Sparta, and underlies modern Greek to some extent.

      But the dozens of dialects obviously influenced each other and mingled unpredictably, so who knows?  Homer's Greek for example was a mixture of several dialects, and he was the greatest Greek poet.  If he had no compunction about mixing dialects, why should anyone else?

      But generally:
      Lyric poetry was Aeolic.
      Choral poetry was Doric.
      Most of the famous epic poetry was Attic.

      The Septuagint, and the Egyptian papyri, were more Tsakonian, which was close to Doric.

      Doric Greek was called "Western" Greek, but not in the same meaning as "Western" in textual criticism.  Sparta was not that far from Athens.

      I would say that this Doricism would most likely be from the influence of Septuagint Greek, influence on Peter.  Additionally, the Old Latin manuscripts in the Old Testament, were translated from the Septuagint, according to Jerome.  Septuagint Greek had far more influence on all Jews and Christians then, than many people realize (many refuse to realize, against all evidence).

      By the second century there was a rebellion against the diffusion of dialects, and "snobs" tried to make everything strictly and artificially Attic.

      In the 4th century, the Christian religion made the Attic dialect the "proper" one, and I would expect some standardization of the Greek NT text to Attic.

      In BDF Sec. 155(5) Blass says the Mark 15:17 grammar is constructed in a normal classical way.

      David Robert Palmer

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