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RE: [textualcriticism] Clement of Alexandria

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  • Bart Ehrman
    There have been numerous studies of Clement s text since Barnard, some published (M. Mees, Die Zitate aud dem Neuen Testament bei Clemens von Alexandrien,)
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          There have been numerous studies of Clement’s text since Barnard, some published  (M. Mees, Die Zitate aud dem Neuen Testament bei Clemens von Alexandrien,) and other’s not (1956 dissertation at Yale by Rueben Swanson and 1966 dissertation at Princeton Seminary by James Brooks).  The most recent full and compelling study has been by Carl Cosaert, at UNC-Chapel Hill; Cosaert provides a complete listing of citations, collations against a range of important textual witnesses, and a definitive quantitative analysis backed up with a group profile method.  I anticipate that it will be published in the Text of the NT in the Greek Fathers series edited by Michael Holmes. 


          I assume both Carl and Mike are on this list: they can give you all the details!


      -- Bart Ehrman


      Bart D. Ehrman

      James A. Gray Professor

      Department  of Religious Studies

      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



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      Andrew, others may have some info more "at-hand" on this, but I had a student do some work related to this a few years ago and can look over that later this week. If you don't get the info you need before that, either I'll send you some or remind me and I'll get it to you.




      Bill Warren

      Director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies

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      On Oct 7, 2006, at 2:06 PM, sarban wrote:


      Clement of Alexandria is usually cited as a witness to the Western

      text of the Gospels, a claim going back to Barnard in 1899.

      However I was studying the text of the 'rich young ruler' passage

      quoted in 'The Rich Mans Salvation' and noted that it seemed to

      agree with the Caesarean text as much as the Western.

      Barnard of course was writing before the Caesarean text was

      discover/postulated . Has any work been done specifically to

      investigate whether Clement in the Gospels is closer to the

      Western or Caesarean text ?

      Andrew Criddle


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