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Re: Westcott-Hort Greek NewTestament

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  • Peter Gurry
    Dr. Willker, In your post from Dr. Mark A. House from Hendrickson, he said their new W-H Greek New Testament would include W-H s original introduction. I m
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 4, 2006
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      Dr. Willker,

      In your post from Dr. Mark A. House from Hendrickson, he said their new W-H Greek New Testament would include W-H's original introduction. I'm assuming since the Hendrickson edition is 900 pages that he's referring to their full 288-page introduction, but do you know if that also includes their 174-page Notes on Selected Readings?


      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, "Wieland Willker" <willker@...> wrote:
      > Word from the publisher:
      > ------------------------------------
      > Let me provide more information about this project under three headings:
      > 1. The Text: Hendrickson's Westcott-Hort (WH) GNT has been careful to
      > preserve the text and formatting of the original edition, including some of
      > the unusual spellings of Greek proper names that have been purged from other
      > editions of WH. However, English headings have been added to make the text
      > easier for students to navigate. All citations of the OT that WH highlighted
      > have been preserved in boldface type, with the biblical references at the
      > foot of each page. (WH originally had them all listed in the back.) Those
      > familiar with WH will recognize this as a very detailed and comprehensive
      > list of OT citations.
      > 2. The Apparatus: This will not be a full critical apparatus, but rather a
      > comparative apparatus, detailing every place in which the NA27-UBS4 editions
      > and the Robinson Byzantine (sometimes referred to as the "Majority Text")
      > edition vary from WH. Thus the reader has at his or her disposal not only
      > the complete WH text, but (through the comparative apparatus) the complete
      > NA27 and Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine texts as well. This gives the reader
      > the essential text of all three prominent text-critical schools: the
      > Alexandrian (represented in the WH text itself), the eclectic (represented
      > in the NA27), and the Byzantine or Majority (represented in the
      > Robinson-Pierpont text). WH's original footnotes will also be preserved
      > using a special designator. All variants will be included except those which
      > represent mere stylistic variations in spelling that are without exegetical
      > significance.
      > 3. The Greek Dictionary: This will be an "Essential Souter Dictionary"-an
      > abridgment and updating of the Souter Pocket Lexicon. New features of the
      > dictionary will include noun cases, adjective endings, and increased
      > information about irregular verb forms.
      > Eldon J. Epp has written a fine Foreword for the edition that details and
      > puts in perspective the substantial contribution made to the field of New
      > Testament textual studies by Westcott and Hort. We will also include WH's
      > original introduction, along with a helpful introduction to the new edition,
      > and maps of the biblical world.
      > Since I know this has been a somewhat shameless sales pitch, I would be
      > happy to answer any further inquiries about this new edition off-list.
      > Dr. Mark A. House
      > Associate Editor
      > Hendrickson Publishers
      > -----------------------------------
      > Best wishes
      > Wieland
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      > ------------------------------------------------
      > Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
      > mailto:willker@...
      > http://www.uni-bremen.de/~wie
      > Textcritical commentary:
      > http://www.uni-bremen.de/~wie/TCG/index.html

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