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Re: [textualcriticism] Re. Das Neue Te stament nach den ältesten griechischen Handschriften

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  • Jan Krans
    ... Jaroš is a declared defender of O Callaghan s and Thiede s identifications, and perhaps of Thiede s view on P64 as well. For 7Q, see Karl Jaroš, ‘Die
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 14, 2006
      Peter Head wrote:

      > Thanks for this. Hopefully the photos will be more useful than these
      > dates! (and 7Q4 and 7Q5 - what a [pointless] bonus)
      > Peter

      Jaroš is a declared defender of O'Callaghan's and Thiede's
      identifications, and perhaps of Thiede's view on P64 as well. For 7Q, see
      Karl Jaroš, ‘Die Qumranfragmente der Höhle 7 (7Q) im Computertest,’ in
      Aegyptus 80 (2000), pp. 147-168 and his review of Stefan Enste, Kein
      Markustext in Qumran (2000), in Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des
      Morgenlandes 91 (2001), pp. 378-394. For a critical response to Jaroš, see
      Hans Förster, ‘7Q5 - Und was?,’ in Analecta Papyrologica XIV-XV
      (2002-2003), pp. 197-208.

      Jan Krans
      Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
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