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Re: [textualcriticism] On Hebrew Matthew 12:38-42 (Shem Tob ben Shapruth), possibly text of mantic and magnification?

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  • Dave Smith (REL110, 211,212)
    Pasi, Can the Shem Tov text be found online, in Hebrew/Aramaic Square script? Dave Smith ... From: pasi pohjala To: textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2006
      Can the Shem Tov text be found online, in Hebrew/Aramaic Square script?
      Dave Smith
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      Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 09:47
      Subject: [textualcriticism] On Hebrew Matthew 12:38-42 (Shem Tob ben Shapruth), possibly text of mantic and magnification?

      Dear Researchers,
      in the following I am proposing a version of reading the Hebrew Matthew (Shem Tob- Eben Bohan) in an alternative way, as a text discussing the ancient science of magnifying objects with bowls and bottles. The text follows strictly the Ed. of George Howard (1995), and the method is to divide the consonantal text into words somewhat differently than what is the current reading. Thus, notoriously, is very easily found a possible text of ancient science!
      Matthew 12:38
      BYJT   hhJA  BAL   J. QWZT   PRWS     MWH    KMWM  LAM    RN   RZh     LRAWT    AWT    Mh    SM    MBY    BR (K)
      The following problem, in keen (BAL=hurry, hasten, thus: oksus) manner:
      The analysis into details (QZZ=chopping) and explanation of the parts (MNh=count, pieces...) as being in a composition  of something (MWM=MWAM=something) as an OKSUS/keen meditation (RN), to perceive that OT/eikon in its whatness (ma) and its name in clear utterances (MBY)
      Matthew 12:39
      WJAMR  LhM    DWR-RY WhNP (Hif)
      And the ball- of- explanations (DWR-RY)  and showing (hNP) told (showed) them and
      it examines the ottot (signs)
      but it does not provide to them (elle)
      hAWT  SL    JWNh
      the OT/eikon in the Greek manner (jawwanit)
      Matthew 12:40
      SKA   SR    hJh    BMY  (read: BMNY) hDGh
      Thus the connections/associations (in the composition, the SR, cf. SRSR) assisted the perception (N.B. first SKA read as from SKK=assist person's perception by increasing of sounds etc.) by increase of what was in small state (MNY=diminish), by the magnification (DG=increae, multiply, too)
      (hDGh) GM   LW   JMJM (read:jamjam, a "bottle") WGM  LW   LWLW   TKN  JhJh    BNA    DM
      To perceiver (LW) magnified (GM=the GMM, to magnify) the bottle (jamjam=from jam, a reservoir of liquids)and to the perceiver there magnified (GM) the "small room" (LWLW, or: LJLJ= Lilith, perhaps;  the magnification was understood to be effected by different spirits in bottles usw. still in Renaissance period) and thus the idea/plan (of that substance-TKN) becomes understood in its scheme/form (DM)
      BB tNh  ARZ GM  LW    JMJM   WGM LW  LWLW (lolo)  BQ    BR
      and the pupil of the eye (BBA) covers (tNh) all the bodily-existent (ARZ); these are magnified to the perceiver in the bottle (jamjam) and in the "small room" (lolo, or: lili-th) - in this clear bottle
      Matthew 12:41
      AN   SJNWJ-NWH   JQW    MWL   MSPt    tYM    zh
      And thus is applied the method (AN=also: apply, impose upon) of differences in the assumptions, of the cavity (QW) concerning the judgements of this maintaining
      hDWRW   JRS    Y (read as short of YJN=eye) AWT    KJ (ki) HZRW    BTSWBh
      the ball (DWR) transmits (JRS) to the eye the OT/eikon, as it reflects it (HZR) in reflections (tsuva)
      LDB  RJWN (raijon)    WAN    GDL   MJNh
      in strength, the idea (raijon). And, this magnifying (GDL)-method  was applied (AN) and thus came the species (min)
      Matthew 12:42
      MJL  KTS    BAB(A)  LYz     Rz-JWNh
      and analysed the expression (mil) as if the pupil (BBA) in a foreign manner (LYZ)- as a Greek-style mystery (jawwanit, and raz)
      DJAJ   St    RJAJ   hTQW
      (in the Hebr. writing of course, DJAJ and RJAJ are highly similar!)
      This (DJAJ read as Aramaic, resulting in the word "this", cf. Hebrew ze) is the method of seeing that what is expected/predicted as hypothesis (TQW- tiqwa)
      MLM   MSPt-YM   zH   hDWR     WTRS-YM
      and this is given in words, only as a faint discernment (YMM=be faint, dim); thus is the bal of the leaders- of- the people
      SBA    MQZ    TAR    ZL    SMW     Y (=short of YJN, eye) hKMWT
      that applies (BA) to small items (QZ), to theri appearances  (TAR), as shadows (zel), to their names and to their magnitudes (kamut)
      SL  Mh    WhJWNNJ (hajawwani) GDL    MSL     Mh
      concerning "what"- and the Greek (jawwanit) method of magnification (gdl) gives thus the "what" as if in a masal
      One leading principle in this text was detecting several expressions in form of JAMJAM, HJHJ, LWLW, AWTAWT, usw. In the level of the written text, such repeating of expressions indicates a keen interest of the "doubling", thus, magnification, in this culture (cf. that Philo treats often the minutious differences in the Hebrew text with enormous interest). May these lines contribute to interest for this text!
      Pasi Pohjala
      30 Clitterhouse Road
      London NW2 1DJ,  Great Britain
      (Cf. my recent work: Similarities of Redaction of the Gospel According to Matthew, with Texts of Philo Alexandrinus, isbn= 978-1-84685-032-5, also available as ebook in electr shops).
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