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Possibly ancient mantic of magnification in Hebrew Matthew 12:30-37 (Shem Tob)?

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  • pasi pohjala
    Dear Researchers, in the following lines I propose an alternative reading of the Hebrew Matthew 12:30-38, of the text in Shem Tob Ben shapruth s Eben Bohan
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2006
      Dear Researchers,
      in the following lines I propose an alternative reading of the Hebrew Matthew 12:30-38, of the text in Shem Tob Ben shapruth's Eben Bohan (Ed. George Howard 1995); I propose a reading of the text as description of ancient science of magnification by the means of bottles and bowls.
      Matthew 12:30
      MSA   NYM    DL    NGD     hWA    M(h)SL  AWT    HBR
      The prophecy, pleasant, it is telling of the small things ( DL). It is a masal, a compound sign (HBR).
      YM    KP     RWB   PYWL
      It is grouped/compound  (YM) hollow, and its workings (effects) are multiplication
      Matthew 12:31
      KNANA   MR   LK    MSK   KLJ   HtA
      The situation (MSK) of the defect vessels (KLJ  HtA)  are as if bitter NANA, in its mixed state
      WGDP   JM    HLL  BLJ   ADM
      And as a cut (GDP)  in a cut/polished (HLL) bowl
      WGDP   hRWWH   LAM    HL
      and in spatial terms (RWWH) the cut/analysis  (GDP) results in a composed (LAM=nations, group, thus: compound, not being single) reflections/light (HL).
      Matthew 12:32
      KLJ    hAMWR    DBR    RN    GDB    NWH
      And the vessels of  saying that are clear (D- as Aramaic) mediations concerning movements (DBB) in certain lines/paths in stillness/in the same manner (NWH)
      ADM-  JM    HLL   KLJ  AMR   DBR  NGD
      And the researcher (man-of-vessels) by means of the bottles/bowls praised/enlightened the explanations, the vessels are clear in telling the spatial (RWWH)
      hQD  WLS   JMHL    LWLA
      The smallness (QW) that is hot (piercing through) by the LOLO
      Matthew 12:33
      YWS    YZ   tJB
      The understanding of forms (etsa) is keen (YWS=hasten, thus, oksus)
      KP  PRJ    tJB    AW    YZR     YKP
      the hollow, it has Forms as its results and the restrain/determination  of the paths
      RRY   WhAMT    MJN   hPRJ    JWDY   hYZ
      (RRY) that the truth of species  are results known by the etsa/uderstanding, the intellect
      Matthew 12:34
      MSPHT   PT   NWM   AWD
      From that what is small (PHT) the dream-method opend/widens (PT)  much more (thus, magnifies)
      TWK   KL   LDBR   tJB
      by means of the vesels-of-saying the form
      BhJWT    TK   MRY   JM
      in the being of explanations by means of the bottle (jam)
      WhL   APh   MTYRRT  hL   BMD   BR
      the shine (hL) reveals the earthly, this shine of clearness of measures
      Matthew 12:35
      ADM   tJBJM    AWZR-LK   tJB, JWZJA  tJB
      For the man-of-forms (researcher)- the Form is treasure of heart
      WADM   RY   MAWZR-LK    MAWZR   LK    RY    WZJA   RY
      and man of  explanations (RY), from storage of his heart he infers (JWZA) to the explanations
      Matthew 12:36
      AMWR   AN   LK   MSL
      and exhortation: apply (impose, AN) the mixture of masal
      KL   hD (hida) BRJM  AWSR   JD-BR
      the vessels of mystery (hiddoth) are clear and certitude of clear measuring stick (JD)
      hADM    HBL   TT   HWS    BJN (bina)
      and the strenght are in vain (HBL) but give understanding to the mind
      Matthew 12:37
      Y (=YJN, eye) LPJD   BR   KT   hJh    NSPt
      the eye is a clear Lapidus (torch or looking-stone), it divides into parts and thus it discerns/judges
      WY (YJN) LPJ   Mh   YWS   KTT  HJJB
      and, eye according to whatness (Mh) it divides/analyses in keen manner
      I hope these renderings of Matthew 12:30-37 may be interesting!
      Pasi Pohjala
      30 Clitterhouse Road
      London NW 2 1DJ, Great Britain
      (Cf. Also my recent publication Similarities of Redaction of the Gospel According to Matthew, with Texts of Philo Alexandrinus - 2006- isbn= 978-1-84685-032-5, and athis lso as a very cheap ebook in the electronic stores
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