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50% off all Sources Chrétiennes volumes until June.

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  • Roger Pearse
    I don t know if people are aware of this, but I don t suppose that I am the only one with a little pile of these very philologically- oriented editions in a
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      I don't know if people are aware of this, but I don't suppose that I
      am the only one with a little pile of these very philologically-
      oriented editions in a corner.

      The Sources Chrétiennes are about to issue their 500th volume of
      their splendid series of patristic texts and (French) translations.
      To celebrate, they doing a sale of volumes at 50% off. This lasts
      until June.

      You can order the volumes online through www.laprocure.com (simple
      and easy to use, and takes credit cards; minimum postal charge of 14
      euros, tho) or www.alapage.com (which I've not tried).

      I reproduce below the announcement from the LT-ANTIQ list. (Note
      that those wishing to support the work of the Sources Chrétiennes
      can make an online donation through the link at the bottom of

      Since I had heard rumours of financial trouble, I suggest that this
      is an excellent opportunity to get hold of these books.

      All the best,

      Roger Pearse

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      James Ernest <jdemail@...> writes
      Posted on behalf of Dominique Gonnet <dominique.gonnet@...>
      by James Ernest <j.d.ernest@...>

      Dear friends of LT-ANTIQ, I wish to inform you that the first 450
      volumes of Sources Chrétiennes are on discount (50%) from April 3rd
      on until June 30th: go to


      To get more information about authors and volumes, look at:




      Ask me if you need more information.

      You can look at our presentation in English:


      Dominique Gonnet - 06 15 11 12 36
      Institut des Sources Chrétiennes 29 Rue du Plat - 69002 Lyon
      Tél. 04 72 77 73 53 - Fax 04 78 92 90 11
      - Sources Chrétiennes - Site : http://www.sources-chretiennes.mom.fr
      - Collection :
      - Catalogue de la Bibliothèque (tout SC): http://servaleph.univ-
      - Catalogue des Bibliothèques Universitaires de France (SC --> 1990):
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