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Re: Pocket GNT

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  • mr.scrivener
    ... for ... 8.5x11 in. ... files I ... (including coil ... 8.5x11 ... millimeter, ... not a ... us.org/pocketGNT/ . ... video is ... have ... What you ve done
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 27, 2006
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      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, James Miller <jamtata@...>
      > I've finished with this project for now (back to more Greek reading
      > me!). I went ahead and set things up for 6 pages to a side of
      8.5x11 in.
      > paper, and had them printed 2-color (black and red) since the GNT
      files I
      > found use that 2-color scheme. Dimensions are 4 in. wide
      (including coil
      > binding) by 4 3/8 in. tall. Front and back sides of the printed
      > sheet end up being in almost perfect alignment--within a
      > somewhat surprisingly. The final product looks very nice. It's
      not a
      > true pocket GNT: 3 photos of the final product (the Matt.
      > and Mark section) can be seen at http://cmiller.sdf-
      us.org/pocketGNT/ .
      > These were taken at 1024x768 resolution, so if your computer's
      video is
      > set at something lower and your browser won't resize images you may
      > to scroll around a bit to see the entirety of each photo.
      > James

      What you've done is really neat! You should be able to sell some to
      other students. I made a similar set of booklets based upon 1/2 of
      an 8.5x11. You fold the photostats in half and staple. Anyway, the
      idea was first to put English on one side and Greek on the other,
      then when you think you are ready, you have an old uncial font on one
      side and modern greek font on the other, to practice reading ancient
      manuscripts with. I haven't found a miniscule font that looks
      authentic...partly a standarization problem I imagine (what a
      typesetter's nightmare a miniscule script might be!) But that would
      be useful too, (miniscule + Typeset Greek on opposing sides).

      fooling around,
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