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Re: [textualcriticism] Once more Mk 1:41

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  • Peter M. Head
    Thanks Martin, That is interesting. I m sure that the principle is a good one: since in this case so much hinges on Bezae s witness, then if the anger
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2006
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      Thanks Martin,

      That is interesting. I'm sure that the principle is a good one: since
      in this case so much hinges on Bezae's witness, then if the 'anger'
      reading could be explained as due to a consistent Bezan tendency to
      intensify emotional involvement, it would provide an explanation for
      the origin of the reading. But I'm not too sure that the passages
      you've given get us very far in proving the stated tendency. Further
      study would be welcome on this.



      At 10:01 19/01/2006, you wrote:
      >This variant discussed for some days now is, in my estimation,
      >misunderstood if we
      >do not see the significance codex D assigns to human interaction.
      >Codex D portraits interactions between the disciples or between
      >Jesus and men often on a level where
      >bodily and/or emotional involvement is intensified. This can be seen
      >in the first chapters of Mark,
      >it can be found in further chapters, and cf. also Acts 3:2ff! (see
      >for Acts 3:3ff the study of E.J. Epp, and of Rius-Camps and
      >Read-Heimerdinger JSNTS 257).
      >Mk 1:26 from him!] D from the man, unclean spirit!
      >Mk 1:26 and the unclean spirit tored him, and crying with a loud
      >voice came out of him]
      > D and the unclean spirit came out of him, tored him and
      > cried aloud with a loud voice and went away from him
      >Mk 1:31 lifted her up, having
      >taken [her] by the hand]
      > D stetching out the hand he took [her] and lifted her up
      >Mk 1:34 and cast out many demons]
      > D And of those who were demon-posessed he cast them out
      > from them;
      >(frist half of verse: D drops the "various diseases", but has them
      >in V 32 instead)
      >Mk 1:41 moved with compassion, he put forth his hand, and
      >touched and said to him:]
      > D being angry, he put forth his hand,
      > and touched him and said to him:]
      >Mk 2:4 And when they could not carry him forward because
      >of the crowd ... where he was]
      >D (and Byz) And when they could not get near to him because
      >of the crowd .... where Jesus was
      >Mk 2,9-11: D has twice the imperative "go into your house",
      >harmonizing V 9 ("walk") with V 11,
      >Mk 3:9: so that they would not crowd Him]
      >D so that many would not crowd Him
      >Mk 5:33 But the woman fearing and
      >trembling, aware
      >of what had happened to her]
      > D But the woman fearing and trembling, because she had
      > done it secretly, aware of what had happened to her,
      >Of course, this needs further study, but the evidence is already
      >enough to let us see one of the many levels of the orthodox
      >(unorthodox? don't assume there is only orthodox ...) corruption in Codex D.
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