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excerpt of "The Gospel Hoax" Carlson's book on M. Smith

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  • goranson@duke.edu
    The first 19 pages (ch.1 and part of ch.2) of Stephen Carlson s book on M. Smith s Secret Mark are available online:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2005
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      The first 19 pages (ch.1 and part of ch.2) of Stephen Carlson's book on M.
      Smith's "Secret Mark" are available online:


      Table of Contents:

      The book is due out in November. Though I do not say that the book will be the
      last word on the subject, having read a pre-publication copy, I do say that
      Carlson makes a very strong case that Smith quite probably was the author and
      scribe of a forged letter of Clement that in turn quoted a bogus text of a
      supposedly early gospel. I recommend the book.

      Stephen Goranson
      "Jannaeus, His Brother, and Judah the Essene"
      (now with fewer typos!)
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