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Quirk in the Gospel of Peter

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  • waynecoc
    Dear Wieland, Could the problem in Gospel of Peter 42 be a mark on the manuscript? Let s assume that the text = TO NAI. Then superimpose over that three
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2004
      Dear Wieland,
      Could the problem in "Gospel of Peter" 42 be a mark on the manuscript?
      Let's assume that the text = TO NAI.  Then superimpose over that three short vertical lines -- the second one is smaller than the first one and the third one is smaller than the second one.  Arrange them so as to make a triangle, like an abstract arrow pointed toward the right.  The smallest vertical line covers the final stroke of the N.  Could the three-line triangle be some mark accidentally made on the manuscript?  Could the three-line triangle be a pen-testing mark that was on the page before the text was written?  (If so, it seems strange that the scribe didn't work around it.)  (Also, is there any way to see what's on the other side of the page?)
      Yours in Christ, 
      Jim Snapp II
      Minister, Wayne Church of Christ
      Wayne, Ohio (USA)
      P.S.  Thanks for the heads-up about the Study-to-Answer site.  My name appears there because I wrote to the author, Tim Dunkin, informing him of several pieces of misinformation that appeared in a previous version of that page.  I share his concern that some modern English Bible versions dilute some important passages, but I don't endorse his KJV-Only view.  I suspect that a major reason why he is KJV-Only might be because the exclusive use of the KJV effectively creates an atmosphere of textual stability (however cloistered), and textual stability helps doctrinal stability.
    • Wieland Willker
      ... Jim, a very inventive suggestion. Here is an image of the verso. The letters are visible quite well. But I fear it doesn t help much.
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 5, 2004
        > superimpose over that three short vertical lines

        Jim, a very inventive suggestion.
        Here is an image of the verso. The letters are visible quite well. But I
        fear it doesn't help much.


        I don't think, it is TO. There is nothing that resembles an O here.
        That it is a simple TI is also questionable, because from the horizontal
        bar of the T there is a stroke down. This is not the way the scribe
        writes TI elsewhere.
        A nice enigma.

        Best wishes
        Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
        Textcritical commentary:
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