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8342Re: [textualcriticism] 1 Pet 4:16 TWi MEREI TOUTWi

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  • David Palmer
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Hello Matthew, sorry I did not see your post until now.
      Yes, I will start keeping a list of Byzantine readings that do not show up until the 9th century. That is a great idea.  Let's start with the epistle of James.  There are 62 Byzantine variants in that epistle.  I will start another thread showing what percentage of those do not show up until the 9th century.

      What is your theory as to what happened to the exemplars for all those MSS in the 9th century that read TWi MEREI TOUTWi in 1 Peter 4:16?

      1. Were they destroyed accidentally?
      2. Were they destroyed deliberately?
      3. If destroyed accidentally, how?

      In the meantime, I adopted the NA28 / Byzantine reading for my translation of 1 Peter:

      On Friday, June 20, 2014 5:44 PM, "rslocc@... rslocc@... [textualcriticism]" <textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi David,

      I was wondering if you could please supply us with some examples of the "MANY" Byzantine readings that do not show up till the 9th century? I know that time is precious but if you know any off the top of your head and/or any other pertinent readings you may have came across that fit this description, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share them with us. In passing, I understand that MANY can have various shades of meaning and interpretation, yet when you capitalize it in the way you have it's obvious that you are under the impression that this is an axiomatic fact (or should be at least). If this truly is the case, I trust that you will enlighten those of us who have not came to the same conclusion. When and if time permits of course.

      Thanks!   -Matthew M. Rose

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