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8251Papias Works Listed Catalogue of Stams 1341

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  • isaac_chauncy
    Feb 2, 2014
      Does anyone have or recognize the source for this statement?
      >"Although "Interpretation of the Sayings of the Lord in five books" was listed in the library catalogue of Stams, a Cistercian monastery in the Tyrol as late as 1341, it has now disappeared."
      >Article from Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible by Professor Paul Woolley, WTS
      >Citations given:
      #M. Jourjon, DBSup 6 [1960], cols. 1104–9;
      #U. H. J. Körtner, Papias von Hierapolis: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des frühen #Christentums [1983];
      #J. Kürzinger, Papias von Hierapolis und die Evangelien des Neuen Testaments [1983];
      #R. Bauckham in JTS 44 [1993]: 24–69;
      #W. R. Schoedel in ABD, 5:140–42.
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