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8248RE: P128 and P44: Seeking Clarity on a Few Fronts

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  • bucksburg
    Jan 22, 2014
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      According to the images you supply, the designations p44 and p128 refer to the exact same pieces of papyrus, and thus p128 should have never been assigned.

      In fact, the story is a little different. p44 contains Mt 17:1-3, 6-7; 18:15-17, 19; 25:8-10; Jn 10:8-14 while p128 contains Jn 9:3-4; 12:16-18. The theory is that these are from separate folia of the same original codex, and thus should share the same designation.

      But this has not been done for any of the other pairs you mentioned. Inasmuch as it's almost impossible to prove the relationships between these pairs, and as most papyrus fragments are from a single folio, we may as well just keep numbering each new GNT papyrus discovery separately.

      Daniel Buck
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