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8241Re: Changing Formats/Forums etc

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  • jovial1000
    Dec 25, 2013
      While Yahoogroups has hit a snag, I think some sort of email based forum is best.  I know the teen/twenty something crowd find instant social media for fun, but they are not engaging in in-depth conversations on it either.  Facebook is more of a soundbyte exchange format.  After a pragraph, what you said gets hidden and has to be unhidden.  that would be a pain in the rear for a forum like this.  Sometimes we write short emails.  Sometimes they are lengthy.  I think the deeper thought level to our subject matter doesn't lend itself well to a soundbyte oriented forum.  Email is still best, even if it is not that popular with the younger crowd as it once was.  Let's do what is good for our type of discussion, rather than follow a social trend intended for thinner discussions.
      Email works better for mixing foreign fonts, links, and lengthy discussions, and formatting things the way YOU want them.  Facebook will not let you do any format of your own chosing, your own paragraph divisions, etc.  It's not as good for searching through archives for old stuff, and email is better for saving that email that has that link to that place you want to read about but won't have time to get to for another week.  When someone sends a link to a website via email, I can save it in my "todo" folder, and then go back to it a week later or something.  That is a great benefit.  I say keep this one going in most of its present format.  I probably would not follow a switch to FB either, but might to something email based.