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8153RE: [textualcriticism] Peer review (was Marcion's Gospel)

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  • Ehrman, Bart D
    Oct 30, 2013

           I’ve been an outsider to much of this conversation, but I do have to say that I do not understand the reluctance to accept the fact that peer-reviewed research has -- through the process itself -- been awarded its bona fides, and non-peer-reviewed research has not.  Is someone challenging that view?


            Or to put it differently: if someone has a good case to make (on any academic topic whatsoever), what is the argument *against* making this case available in a peer-reviewed format?


            If someone has research that can *not* pass the peer-review process, in almost every instance there is a reason for that.


      -          Bart Ehrman


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      On Thu, 10/31/13, Tommy Wasserman <tommy.wasserman@...> wrote:

      Larry Hurtado) it means a lot, and to me it also indicates
      whether I should read arguments and interact or not (because
      there is a lot of arguments on this list and elsewhere).
      That is why I asked you.

      Ok then, Tommy, do we infer from what you've said here that you did not (and perhaps will not) read David's arguments and interact with him on the subject about which he's posted to this list since he's not published anything in the peer-reviewed literature? I hope you'll understand that this is the implication.


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