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8076Re: [textualcriticism] Papyrus lectionaries

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  • Jean G. VALENTIN
    Aug 26, 2013
      Confirmation: the French version cites P3, P4 and P44.
      (page 48 of the 1986 edition).


      Jean V.

      Le 26 août 2013 à 01:12, "jjcate" <jjcate@...> a écrit :


      I was reading the English translation of Vaganay & Amphoux (An Intro to NT TC). On p. 24, they mention, "Apart from a few papyrus fragments (P3, P4, P44), the lectionaries were written on parchment...."

      The mention of P4 seems odd. And I'm thinking it's probably an inadvertent typo (and despite all our best efforts as writers or editors, these things still happen). Or at least, I'm not aware of anyone describing P4 as a lectionary. Does anyone have the French edition (1991) or Vaganay's first edition (1934) to see if something was confused in transmission?

      --Jeff Cate,
      Riverside, CA

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