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7732Re: James 5:8 -- 2816 = a member of Group-2138?

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  • Vox Verax
    Mar 18, 2013
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      Tim Finney,

      I don't see 2816 listed in any of the groups. Based on a brief comparison of its text in James to some members of the 2138-group, I reckon that 2816 should be considered a member of Group-2138 – and somewhat less Byzantine than 2412 (images of which are online at the University of Chicago's Goodspeed Collection, where 2412 is called the Ira Maurice Price Praxapostolos -- look, btw, at how 5:20 is mangled in 2412, at Image #264! And no correction?!). Robert Waltz has some interesting things to say about Group-2138, including, "Family 2138 is an early text-type."

      Does anyone think HMWN in 5:8 has a shot at being original?

      Yours in Christ,

      James Snapp, Jr.
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