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7649Re: A Vaticanus facsimile on display (was: Vaticanus OT online?)

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  • bucksburg
    Dec 21, 2012
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      The Creation Museum in Kentucky is hosting some rare books from the Van Kempen Collection. Most of them are in a guarded room with no cameras allowed. But one of them is an opened facsimile of Codex Vaticanus, on display near Noah's Ark with no such prohibitions posted.

      I suppose I could take a picture of that page (probably NT, though) and post it to the group--but might this already be available elsewhere?

      There's also a display of Paul penning one of his epistles--using a very odd uncial font, in which Pi and Gamma are barely distinguishable. I could make out individual words (fully written-out NS) but not identify the text (Paul apparently didn't spell all that well when Tertius wasn't around).

      Noah's list of supplies being taken on board is in a mix of paleo-Hebrew and cuneiform, but that's for another forum.

      Daniel Buck
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