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7618G-A 2 in Swiss Treasures at U of Chicago library

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  • Jeff Cate
    Nov 16 8:14 PM
      I'm in Chicago for SBL and saw the "Swiss Treasures" this morning at the Regenstein Library at U of Chicago. Besides P.Bodmer IX (Psalms LXX) and other mss, they have on display minuscule 2... which Erasmus used for his print edition. They have the page opened so you can see Erasmus' handwritten addition of Asa in the genealogy of Matt 1:7 on the left margin on the left page.

      But on the facing page on the right on line 10 (beginning with the capital red tau), I observed a fascinating variant in Matt 1:18. Instead of having either GENESIS or GENNHSIS, G-A 2 has GENHSIS... the eta but only 1 nu... so which is it? :-) And lightly above the word, a corrector has added a second nu, but also an epsilon above the eta... so still, which is it? :-)

      It's a great example of how poor spelling can affect readings.

      --Jeff Cate,
      Riverside, CA