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7606Agnostic/Atheist Approaches to NTTC

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  • Vox Verax
    Nov 12, 2012
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      Joe Wallack stated: "I think the articles there on the Birth Dating Contradiction and The Ending of Mark are the best articles ever written on those subjects."

      Setting aside the material about the date of Christ's birth, for the time being, I welcome all readers to visit the essay by Richard Carrier about Mark 16:9-20 which Joe has praised, and scroll down to the part about Irenaeus. Dr. Carrier proposed that Irenaeus' reference to Mk. 16:19 is an interpolation!

      When KJV-Onlyists do this sort of thing, exasperated researchers tend to recommend a book or two and then back away slowly, convinced that the KJV-Onlyists' appeals to evidence are facades, and that the KJV-Onlyists are agenda-driven, rather than evidence-driven. Is that also the option that should be taken when something similar is concluded about atheists/agnostics? While this might result in a measure of polarization, it might also reduce a lot of wasted effort to persuade the unpersuadeable.

      Yours in Christ,

      James Snapp, Jr.
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