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5501Re: Dean John Burgon's collection of citations

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  • socius72
    Feb 3 11:34 PM
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      > Steven Avery
      > :)
      > Even today on many verses Dean John Burgon is often the best starting
      > point in correcting the many errors in the apparatuses.
      > Technically John Burgon was not exactly a TR defender. Although he
      > actually attacked no major verses (the quote re: Griesbach about the
      > heavenly witnesses has more of a "turnabout" feel) in the Textus
      > Receptus and has a quote that no major verses are wrong, Dean Burgon
      > clearly had some verses where he felt the TR could be "corrected" and
      > did talk about the possibility of such a revision sometime in time and space.

      That's correct. Burgon did not hold a blind allegiance to the Textus Receptus. He admitted that the Textus Receptus needed correction for it was by no means perfect. However, he did state that the Textus Receptus was a better text than that of Lachmann, Tischendorf and Tregelles. (J. W. Burgon, The Revision Revised, London: John Murray, 1883, 21 n. 2).
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