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  • hughhoughton
    Feb 2, 2010
      Burgon's collection of citations is often mentioned, and I inspected several of the volumes in the British Library manuscripts reading room in August 2009.

      The first point to observe is that very little if any of the work was undertaken by Burgon himself, but by a variety of collaborators whose names are recorded in Burgon's hand at the beginning of the respective volumes. For example, the volume on Tertullian, Ambrose et al. (BL MS Add. 33433) was the work of Idina Eliza and Rosina Cordelia Gane in June 1876; the Apostolic Fathers (MS Add. 33421) is the work of a Mr Wood, who, it is recorded, also recorded biblical references from the footnotes as well as the text; at the beginning of MS Add. 33435 Burgon notes: "These two volumes are entirely the word of Mrs Lille Tiddeman - & a very heavy task they must have proved. They are inventoried (?) from the Benedictine ed. of St Augustine ... Laus Deo, JWB."

      The volumes consist of coloured slips of paper glued in in sequence with a chapter and verse number handwritten on one side and a page and line reference on the other. The text of the citation is never provided, and, in most cases, there is no indication of the work (one exception I noticed was Tertullian, where the source work was usually indicated in an abbreviated form; for Eusebius, the slips were colour-coded by work, although this seems not always to have been strictly observed).

      The volumes are therefore only useful for identifying citations if you happen to have access to the same edition used by Burgon's collaborators. In many cases this is a Benedictine text from the late 17th century (as noted for Augustine above). For the Apostolic Fathers, Jacobson's fourth ed. of 1863 was used. These editions have been superseded, first by Migne's Patrologia Graeca and Patrologia Latina, and then by twentieth-century critical editions in series such as CSEL, GCS, Corpus Christianorum and Sources Chr├ętiennes. The list of scriptural quotations at the back of modern editions is as informative as Burgon's volumes, and it is difficult to see how the inventories held by the British Library could be used for further textual research.

      As noted in an earlier message to this thread, the Biblia Patristica project now being carried forward by a team based at Sources Chr├ętiennes is the most comprehensive and up-to-date general list of citations, and I understand that they are currently working on adding the text of the citation in addition to the list of references currently available in the printed volumes and at http://www.biblindex.mom.fr/

      Of course, in conjunction with this topic, it's also worth mentioning the SBL New Testament in the Greek Fathers series (SBLNTGF), in which detailed work has been done on the citations of some biblical books in certain Greek authors. I have a discussion of similar work on Latin Fathers in a forthcoming chapter: please contact me off list if you would like further details.

      Hugh Houghton

      --- In textualcriticism@yahoogroups.com, Richard Mallett <100114.573@...> wrote:
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      > Sorry for the late reply to this thread, but I understand that the
      > British Library holds a collection of 16 volumes
      > containing 86489 Scripture quotations compiled by Dr. John Burgon.
      > There is a summary of his results in The Traditional Text of the Holy
      > Gospels, Volume 1, by Dean John William Burgon, published by the Dean
      > Burgon Society in Collingwood, NJ., and some examples are listed in
      > Forever Settled - A Survey of the Documents and History of the Bible,
      > compiled by Dr. Jack Moorman, and also published by the Dean Burgon
      > Society. Do you know if the whole 16 volumes have been copied, scanned
      > or published ? Are they accessible to the general public ? This is the
      > only survey of patristic citations of the Gospels that I know about. Do
      > you know of any others that have been done ?
      > I appreciate that Burgon was a defender of the TR; but that does not
      > intrinsically disqualify his work, does it ?
      > --
      > Richard Mallett
      > Eaton Bray, Dunstable
      > South Beds. UK
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