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5491Re: [textualcriticism] Paulinus of Nola

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  • Richard Mallett
    Feb 1, 2010
      Reply to : Ken Rice

      Back in 1989 the Alands also wrote in their Text of the NT, , "With more adequate information information of the Church Father's text of the New Testament we would have firmer guidelines for a history of the text.  This is a field ripe for innumerable doctoral dissertations and learned investigations.  Any volunteers?"  
      (B. Aland, Text of the New Testament, 2nd edition translated by E.F. Rhodes), page 173.
      I've thought about pursuing this topic once my master's degree is completed.  Has there been any attempts to create a comprehensive study of patristic writings in regards to their NT texts, apart from Origin anyway?  
      Sorry for the late reply to this thread, but I understand that the British Library holds a collection of 16 volumes
      containing 86489 Scripture quotations compiled by Dr. John Burgon. 
      There is a summary of his results in The Traditional Text of the Holy
      Gospels, Volume 1, by Dean John William Burgon, published by the Dean
      Burgon Society in Collingwood, NJ., and some examples are listed in
      Forever Settled - A Survey of the Documents and History of the Bible,
      compiled by Dr. Jack Moorman, and also published by the Dean Burgon
      Society.  Do you know if the whole 16 volumes have been copied, scanned
      or published ?  Are they accessible to the general public ?  This is the
      only survey of patristic citations of the Gospels that I know about.  Do
      you know of any others that have been done ?

      I appreciate that Burgon was a defender of the TR; but that does not intrinsically disqualify his work, does it ?
      Richard Mallett
      Eaton Bray, Dunstable
      South Beds. UK
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