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5474Re: [textualcriticism] Matt 1:6 (+/- O BASILEUS)

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  • David Robert Palmer
    Jan 6 8:12 AM
      This is not a criticism of your post, Jonathan, but of the sigla f1 and f13

      The NA27 lists both of them in support of omission.

      But in fact, they are split, as is often the case.

      Family 1 is comprised of minuscules 1 118 131 209 565 1582 (2193)

      But in this variant, 118, 565, & 1582c include O BASILEUS.

      Family 13 is comprised of minuscules 13 69 124 346 788 (174 230 543 826 828
      983 1689 1709)

      But in this variant, 124 & 346 include O BASILEUS. And 69 is hiant.

      Apparently, f1 and f13 are listed in support of a variant, as long as the
      majority of such does. As for me, I am still in the process cleaning up my
      TC footnotes to show the actual support where these loose families are
      divided and the actual readings are available to me.

      David Robert Palmer

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Jonathan C. Borland"
      NA27 lists the following support for omitting O BASILEUS in Matt 1:6:
      p1 Aleph B Gamma f1.13 579. 700 pc g1 k vgmss sys.c.p co.
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