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  • Steve Puluka
    Apr 30, 2009
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      On Apr 29, 2009, at 10:01 AM, isaiah_burton@... wrote:

      > Hell all,
      > I was actually just curious if anyone can recommend some good
      > resources for studying Old Testament Textual Criticism.

      A few annotated suggestions below. Wurthwein & Tov are the good
      general introductions that are the best place to start. With Tov,
      try to get ahold of the second edition of the book from 2001 not the
      1992 first edition.

      Abegg, Martin G., Peter W. Flint, and Eugene Charles Ulrich. The Dead
      Sea scrolls Bible : the oldest known Bible. San Francisco: Harper &
      Row, 1999.
      This volume collects into the traditional biblical order a
      translation of all the Old Testament texts found at Qumran. The
      "Bible" that is assembled has many holes as a result because not
      every biblical text is witnessed in the library. This bible then
      footnotes the agreement of the Qumran bible texts with the Hebrew and
      Greek traditions of the Old Testament as well as other versions as
      applicable. The short introduction discusses the nature of the texts
      found at Qumran.

      Schenker, Adrian, ed. The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible: The
      Relationship Between the Masoretic Text and the Hebrew Base of the
      Septuagint Reconsidered. Boston: Brill, 2004.
      The essays presented in this volume reflect the present state of
      research into the latest stages of the literary development of the
      Hebrew Bible and the earliest period of its textual history. They
      reassess the relationship between the Septuagint and the Hebrew text
      of the Bible, and shed new light on the literary history and
      transmission of biblical books between 300 B.C.E. and 100 C.E., a
      crucial period for the history of the biblical canon. The
      distinguished list of contributors includes Dieter Bvhler (Germany),
      Pierre-Maurice Bogaert (Belgium), Johan Lust (Belgium), Natalio
      Fernandez Marcos (Spain), Olivier Munnich (France), Adrian Schenker
      (Switzerland), and Emanuel Tov (Israel).

      Tov, Emanuel. Textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. 2nd ed.
      Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2001.
      Tov’s treatment of text criticism is nearly three times the length
      of Wurthwein’s. Tov goes into much greater detail on the types of
      errors that creep into a text in the copying process and supports
      these discussions with multiple examples of each in the Old Testament
      Text. There is also an excellent treatment of the early translations
      of the Old Testament and their use in text critical studies. The
      volume also includes a collection of thirty plates of early texts.

      Tov, Emanuel, and Martin G. Abegg. The texts from the Judaean desert:
      indices and an introduction to the Discoveries in the Judaean desert
      series. Vol. 39 Discoveries in the Judaean desert. Oxford: Clarendon
      Press, 2002.
      The series "Discoveries in the Judaean desert" is the official
      publication in the original languages of all of the Dead Sea Scrolls
      and related material. This volume contains a number of annotated
      lists and indexes for the volumes already published. There are also
      introductory articles by a number of the scholars involved in editing
      and publishing the scrolls.

      Ulrich, Eugene Charles. The Dead Sea scrolls and the origins of the
      Bible. Studies in the Dead Sea scrolls and related literature. Grand
      Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999.
      This collection of fourteen essays concentrates on the textual and
      canonical issues that are illuminated by the Dead Sea Scrolls. The
      book is organized into two parts, essays about Hebrew text issues and
      essays on the LXX and Old Latin text issues. This is a great example
      of how the scrolls have impacted textual studies.

      Wurthwein, Ernst. The text of the Old Testament: an introduction to
      the Biblia Hebraica. Translated by Erroll Rhodes. 2nd ed. Grand
      Rapids: Eerdmans, 1979.
      This general introduction to Hebrew text criticism has two main
      parts, a description of the Hebrew text, versions and process of text
      criticism and a listing of 49 plates of language sources with short
      descriptions of each. The introduction covers all the early
      translations of the Old Testament from Hebrew and the light they shed
      on the Hebrew text. There are also chapters on the process and
      method of text criticism.

      Steve Puluka
      MA, Theology Duquesne University
      Cantor Holy Ghost Church
      Carpatho-Rusyn tradition
      Mckees Rocks, PA
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