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4284Re: [textualcriticism] Reading of C in Luke 2:48

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  • Wieland Willker
    Dec 3, 2008

      Forwarded for Timothy Arthur Brown:


      Dear Tommy et al.,

      I've posted some images of Tischendorf's 1843 edition of C and of the specific passage in question.


      Tischendorf's transcription and note concerning the two lines involved make it clear that the original reading is uncertain, the current reading (o pathr etc.) being written as a correction.  He suggests that the first hand could possibly have originally written kai oi suggeneis after sou, yet acknowledges that it is not apparent why the corrector would have rewritten o phr sou unless the original text read oi suggeneis kai o phr sou. He then adds that, unless he is mistaken, the beginning of the next line originally read kai egw but that it was changed it to read kagw as it is represented in the transcript.

      Best wishes to all,

      T. A. E. Brown
      Franconia, New Hampshire  USA

      Tommy Wasserman wrote:

      Looking at various apparatuses (NA27, IGNTP, Swanson and Tischendorf's 8th ed.), I am totally confused concerning the reading of C in Luke 2:48, where NA27 reads ο πατηρ σου καγω οδυνωμενοι εζητουμεν σε. All apparatuses seem to agree that ο πατηρ is there, but what is the exact reading? Does someone have access to a photo of C at this point and can check? That would be most welcome.


      Tommy Wasserman

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