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3898Re: Re: [textualcriticism] Variants again, can you tell I'm frustrated

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  • Ted Clore
    Aug 4, 2008
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      Why did you use Jude for your base for determining the ratio of variants?  Was it due to the work of Wasserman alone?
      What basis would you assume that the variants would be the same throughout the NT?  Would the Gospel of John compared to James, for instance, have a ratio of difference that could be different than an Epistle of Paul? 
      Ted Clore
      Dan Wallace said:

      Second, one major point that James Snapp made shows that the math of my blog post is correct: Based on an extrapolation from Tommy Wasserman's exhaustive work on Jude, assuming that the same ratio of variants per verse existed for the rest of the NT, Snapp noted that there would be almost 400,000 variants for the whole NT.


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