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3362Re: [textualcriticism] Re: LXX and GNT

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  • Robert Mossotti
    Aug 31, 2007
      The closest thing I have found is this...
      I have it but I don't like it.  It's interlinear and has Strong's numbers and it is so crowded it isn't practical for reading.   The NT text isn't GNT.  If I remember correctly it's TR.  (I'm not at home to check, and I can't remember).
      I would also like to see a real one-volume GNT and LXX.   I think it's doable without an apparatus. 
      Robert W. Mossotti, Esq.

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      Unfortunately, that led to a dead end. I called the bookstore and that
      particular book is not available. And they don't know if it will be.

      So, any other sources?



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