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3190Re: [textualcriticism] A forgotten manuscript?

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  • Peter M. Head
    Jun 1, 2007
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      This manuscript was published:
      Simonides, Constantine. Facsimiles of Certain
      Portions of the Gospel of St. Matthew, and of the
      Epistles of Ss. James & Jude, Written on Papyrus
      in the First Century, and Preserved in the
      Egyptian Museum of Joseph Mayer, E. London: Trübner and Co, 1861.

      We have rather a nice copy here in the Tyndale Library.

      There is no doubt that it is a fake.

      Keith Elliott wrote a book on Simonides which will probably have more details.


      At 22:25 31/05/2007, you wrote:
      >In the Dutch newspaper Trouw/Kwartet of August 24, 1974 I read an
      >article "Hoe heette de vrouw van Pilatus?" by Professor H. Mulder of
      >the Protestant Theological Faculty of Brussels.
      >The author describes an unknown manuscript of the NT. It was brought
      >to Britain by Henry Stobart in the 50's of the 19th century. Joseph
      >Mayer of Liverpool bought it together with a collection of other
      >papyri. It was discovered by Constantine Simonides. Unfortunately this
      >man was accused for a theft of manuscripts and some people said that
      >he made forgeries too. Therefore the manuscript of the NT was not
      >accepted by editors of the Greek NT.
      >Mulder had a positive opinion about it.
      >Does anyone know of this manuscript?
      >Or does anyone know the scientific report, by which it was rejected?
      >It seems that it should date from the first century. It contains some
      >fragments of the gospel of Matthew. The titel "Hoe heette de vrouw van
      >Pilatus?" points to the fact that in the fragment of Matthew 27
      >Pilate's wife is called Pempele.
      >A. Dirkzwager
      >Hoeselt Belgium
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