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3118Book of Revelation & Folio 129a of Sinaiticus

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  • Mark Thunderson
    May 9, 2007
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      Dear List:

      The notes here are definitly instriguing to say the
      least. The questions leaping to my mind are the

      1. What would be the motive(s) for writing these
      notes, and why in Arabic?

      2. Closelyas sociated with the above questions, Why
      these notes at Revelation 7:12 -8:12?

      3. What date might we assign this editorial note?
      Daniel Buck has suggested the Muslim period - perhaps
      7th century?

      4. What connection is there between the Manuscript
      history of Sinaiticus and these Arabic notes? For
      example, Kirssop Lake outlines two possible histories:
      one originating in Ceasarea, the other Alexandria.
      Still more, What connection is there between Saint
      Catherines Montastery and these Arabic notes? For
      example, the presence of the Fatimid Mosque within the
      Monastery as well as the Letter from Mohammad
      promising protection, suggests a close link between
      Mohammad and the Monastery that housed this great
      manuscript. One might even ponder if Mohammad himself
      is the author of these editorial notes???

      5. This lines of questioning finally leads to the
      question: Is there any connection between the
      editorial notes and the Quran and/or Sunnah? In other
      words, does the content of the Arabic note have a
      parallel in the Quran and/or Sunnah?

      Any help from the list, would be greatly appreciated.

      Mark Thunderson.

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