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3117Re: Book of Revelation & Folio 129a of Sinaiticus

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  • Daniel Buck
    May 8, 2007
      "Jean G. Valentin" <jgvalentin@...> wrote:
      >> As to the Daniel Buck's remark about "martyrs" instead
      of "witnesses", no objection. I'll add that the verb "have been made
      notorious" is derived from the same root (sh-h-d).>>

      I'm operating in the dark here, not having Sinaiticus before me. But I
      do have Cowan's Fourth Edition, and I don't see this "notorious"
      meaning under sh-h-d. If it's in the fourth measure, 'ushida' in the
      passive means "to die as a martyr." In the tenth measure, 'ustushida'
      in the passive has the same meaning, with the implication of "dying in

      So my revision to this point would be:
      "And by the end of the seventh millenium [1500 CE], will be achieved
      the oppression and the murder and the sadness of the martyrs who have
      been slain in the name of the [Lord] Messiah, and have been
      distinguished in [grace] in the [Kingdom]"

      I would date this bit of millennial commentary after the millennium was
      to commence circa 500 CE. Without any signs of the vaunted millennium
      having started, eschatologists were now focusing on its eventual end.
      Directly implied is that the blood of the martyrs is already starting
      to accumulate at the altar (Rev. 6:9). That, and the fact that it is
      written in Arabic, would probably push the date up into the Muslim

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