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3110Re: [textualcriticism] RELIABLE TRANSMISSION HISTORY; LXX Versus MT

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  • Richard J. Saley
    May 5, 2007
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      There's over a millenium between the beginning translation of the Hebrew Bible
      into Greek (ca. 280 BCE) and the work of the Masortes (9th-10th centuries

      Dick Saley

      Quoting Philip <philipengmann@...>:

      > Dear All,
      > I am of the unlearned opinion that the TRANSMISSION HISTORY of the MT seems
      > to be more reliable and less susceptible to errors than the TRANSMISSION
      > HISTORY of the LXX, because of the strict rules of copying that the MT
      > scribes employed as compared to the varying copy styles of the LXX.
      > What do you think?
      > Best regards.
      > Philip Engmann
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