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2881Note re. Mark's LE and Gospels-Harmony

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  • James Snapp, Jr.
    Jan 20, 2007
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      David R. Palmer,

      DRP: "I'm saying that an author around the second century used
      Matthew, Luke and John, plus Acts, to write an ending impossible to
      harmonize with Matthew, Luke and John."

      I don't think the LE is impossible to harmonize with the other
      material in the Gospels. But suppose that some folks in the second
      or third century thought that was the case. To them, wouldn't
      Gospels-codices without this impossible-to-harmonize ending be
      preferable to Gospels-codices that contained it?

      A few more questions:

      (1) Why would a copyist bold enough to compose new material not be
      bold enough to clean up the transition from v. 8 to v. 9? (The
      scribe of Old Latin k (or the scribe of an ancestor of k), after all,
      was bold enough to make a smooth transition to the SE).
      (2) Why would a copyist, attempting to tie up the thread of Mark's
      narrative which anticipates an appearance in Galilee, summarize
      events that he knew his own readers would know took place in
      (3) Why would a copyist with the goal that you described, and the
      material you listed, not make good use of John 21?

      DRP: "How long has it been since you read my endnotes on Mark?"

      I don't know; God willing, I'll try to do so using a library-computer

      DRP: ... "I emailed you several months back asking for an update to
      it, but you did not answer."

      E-mail me again using the e-mail button at the Curtisville Christian
      Church homepage (see the link below) and, God willing, I will send
      the latest edition of the lengthy essay right away. Apparently I
      lost your earlier e-mail.

      DRP: "Why don't you check all that out, by downloading Mark from
      here: http://www.bibletranslation.ws/trans/markwgrk.zip " ...

      I'll try to, once I get to a less obsolete computer. Thanks for
      reminding me of these resources.

      Yours in Christ,

      James Snapp, Jr.
      Curtisville Christian Church
      Indiana (USA)
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