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254Re: [textualcriticism] Re: Stemma and PCA on Mark

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Dec 1, 2004
      At 10:30 PM 11/30/2004 -0500, WFWarren@... wrote:

      >In a message dated 11/30/04 1:48:59 AM, willker@...-bremen.de writes:
      >>> The next phase is to add the Matthean parallels, because
      >>> I suspect that harmonization to Matthew is a major factor
      >>> in the mixture of 1424 and Old Latin c (and possibly W as
      >>> well).
      >>You want to add Mt as an extra "MSS"? Innovative idea.
      >>I am really looking forward to your forthcoming results!
      >>Best wishes
      >> Wieland
      >Stephen, I like the Mt. idea as well. Perhaps you could add a Mt-UBS and a
      >Mt-Byz so that the two major strands would both be represented. This would
      >help to see if the Byz. form of Mt. was more closely tied to the Mk. or the
      >Alex. form.

      Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I was planning
      on adding all 58 or so of the corresponding witnesses
      to Matthew, which will take a little bit longer. That
      will also tell us whether the "Caesarean" text looks
      different in Matthew, or whether the Byzantine text
      has a different origin in Matthew.

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