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2Re: [textualcriticism] Hello all

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  • Raymond Regalado
    Apr 25, 2004
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      On 2004.4.25, at 05:01 PM, Wieland Willker wrote:

      > I invite you all to contribute interesting things in matters textual
      > criticism of the Bible.

      I have only recently started studying textual criticism seriously and
      am looking forward to learning from those in the list. I recently read
      D.A. Carson's "The King James Version Debate" and it has pretty much
      convinced me concerning the superiority of the "Critical Text"
      approach. Before reading Carson I was a TR/MT advocate -- a position I
      held due to having been influenced by popular presentations of the
      "theology of preservation" of the Greek Scriptures in the Majority Text
      tradition, and the alleged corruption of the Alexandrian text type by
      the likes of Origen (who was supposedly an Arian) etc. Carson's book
      dealt briefly with the "Origen as the source of the Alexandrian text"
      argument. I've also found articles by Dan Wallace in www.bible.org on
      textual criticism helpful in dealing with the "theology of
      preservation" argument. Next on my reading list is J. Harold
      Greenlee's "Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism". Of
      course I still have questions, my views are far from settled and that
      is one reason I joined this list. One thing I feel I really have to
      look into is the pro-MT view of Pierpont and Robinson, which is said to
      be a more reasoned and scholarly defense of the MT position than what
      is commonly available from the popular literature on the subject. So,
      if I may, I'd like to pose a question or rather a request to the list
      that perhaps someone familiar with Pierpont/Robinson could summarize
      their view for our benefit. Thank you.

      Warm Regards,

      Raymond Regalado
      Tokyo, Japan
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