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1613Re: [textualcriticism] Revelation 1:5

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  • DaveAt168@aol.com
    Feb 9, 2006
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      << David Bielby wrote:
      > I'm looking at Revelation 1:5 for my sermon this week. I'm wondering
      > where I can get more than what I see in Metzger's TC or the online
      > tools with respect to the 'Set free' vs 'bath' variation there. >>

      Dear Friend(s),
      The text you are looking at is in respect of <sin>. I suspect that the text has passed through Latin, wherein <sin> and <debt> are conveyed by the same word. If you consider <sin> as <debt>, then <release> or <set-free> make good sense. If on the other hand, you think of <sin> as <defilement>, then <cleansing> or <bathing> makes sense. If now you go back to your text, you can see what is meant, so you can make the correct INTERPRETATION.


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