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1189Re: [textualcriticism] New article on Western Non-Interpolations

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  • K. Martin Heide
    Sep 8, 2005
      Wieland Willker wrote:
      "Defending the 'Western Non-Interpolations': The Case for an Anti Separationist Tendenz in the Longer Alexandrian Readings"
      by Michael W. Martin
      JBL 124/2 (2005) 269–294
      I haven't really digested it yet, just skimmed through it, but already found this gem:
      "the chance or probability of exactly seven mistaken verdicts of authenticity occurring with regard to the eight Lukan verses is 0.003574092055824." (sic! 15 digits). 
      Not discussing the faulty premises, would it not be enough to say it is less than 1%? Is this a peer reviewed journal? Alas, Bob Waltz is not here anymore. 
      Ok, so much for a bad start, I will nevertheless read it carefully, just skipping the "mathematical" part. 
      Btw. are theologians forced to use German words in their scholarly articles? To me this looks just silly. 
      Meanwhile, I had the chance to read the article.

      What I do not understand is that M.W. Martin does not cite the final article of K. Aland, "Die Bedeutung des P75 für den Text des Neuen Testaments: Ein Beitrag zur Frage der "Western non-interpolations"" in: "Studien zur Überlieferung des Neuen Testaments und seines Textes", ANTF 2 (only  the early form of Aland's article in NTS 12; see Martin's footnote 2), and even worse, does not deal with Aland's observations.

      Aland compares the WNI (western non-interpolations), which are admittingly "orthodox" in their theology, with different omissions of the "western" texts, which are (from his viewpoint) neither orthodox nor heterodox in their theology: Lk 5:39; 10:41; 12:19: 12:21; 12:39; 22:19-20; 22:43-44; 22:62; 24:3; John 3:31-2; 4:9, and which point to a "western" tendency to omit at certain points .

      Now, from all these only one scripture is treated by M.W. Martin in detail (Lk 22:19-20), the others not. Why? Did I mistake s.th.?
      Neither did Ehrman deal with K.Aland's observations in his "Orthodox Corruption".

      I agree with Wieland pertaining to statistics and numbers. The German chancellor Konrad Adenauer said, "believe only in the statistics you faked yourself"! :-)

      Best wishes,  Martin
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