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117Re: Gospel of Peter Greek and a question

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  • Andrew Bernhard
    Sep 30, 2004

      > I found that there is an interesting textcritical question here at a
      > crucial point, namely the NAI communicated by "The Cross that Spoke" (D.
      > Crossan).

      I am glad to hear that the new edition throws this textual problem into
      relief. You are definitely right that it does raise an interesting
      text-critical question, especially given that it is probably the most quoted
      passage in the Gospel of Peter.

      > What we really read here is:

      After staring at the TINAI for a while, I have to confess that it looks to
      me most like: tau-PSI-nu-alpha-iota (tynai), which would be nonsense.
      Clearly, there is some sort of error here.

      Before discussing this further, I would be curious to know how the editors
      translate this passage into English.

      I think what we can say at this point is that it is clear that _something_
      "was heard from the cross". What exactly is not clear to me.

      If we correct the end of the verse to the nominative TO NAI, how are we to
      take the other nominative in the sentence UPAKOH ("obedience")?

      > The question is how to interpret this TINAI. Is it OTI NAI or TO NAI or
      > what?

      Different scholars have had different opinions about this. Swete proposed TO
      NAI in his 1892 edition; Robinson proposed <O>TI NAI in his edition of the
      same year; but Swete adopted Robinson's reading in his 1893 edition, as did
      Mara in her edition in the early 1970s. I'm curious why Luhrmann in 2000 and
      now Kraus in 2004 have decided to return to TO NAI (if this is what Kraus
      has done).

      I will also forward this email (and Wieland's) to Dr. Kraus and see what he
      has to say about this.

      Hope to discuss this further.

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