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7Mk 1:1

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  • H.W. Shin
    Sep 20 9:01 AM
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      1. Mk 1:1 (cf. NA27)

      (1) Ie:sou Christou huiou theou Sinatiticus(1)
      B D L W 2427 pc latt sy co; Irlat
      (2) Ie:sou Christou tou theou A f1 f13 33 Byz
      (3) Ie:sou Christou huiou tou kuriou 1241
      (4) Ie:sou Christou
      Sinatiticus (original) Theta 28. l 2211 pc sa(ms); Or
      (5) - Ir

      i. (3) which is a singular reading may be secondary.
      ii. (5) has weak external evidence, and thus seems to be secondary.
      The homoeoteleution -ou could have caused the omission.
      iii. The addition of huiou theou could have been motivated by
      theological reason or it could be an explanation of Christou. The
      intentional omission of it by Christian scribes, however, is
      difficult to explain.
      iv. Huiou theou could have been omitted by the homoeoteleution -ou,
      but such an omission is not expected in the very beginning of copying
      v. Even though huiou theou of (1) is possible in Marcan style (see Mk
      15:39), Mk adds tou before theou elsewhere except Mk 15:39.
      vi. tou theou in (2) seems to be an assimilation to Marcan usage in
      other places.
      vii. Even though (1) is supported by the Proto-Alexandrian MSS and
      the Western text type (WesT), the external evidnece of (4) may not
      be easily neglected.
      (conlusion) Consideration of interal evidence and external evidence
      indicates that (4) is more probably original than (1).