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  • marcellajones22
    Jul 12, 2006
      I've noticed that some of you disagree with some of what's said at
      the website that which I posted the URL for recently. Well, they
      now have a new feature where they are letting others repond to what
      they've published in their index. They plan to reply to every
      challenge anyone can come up with that cites Scripture as its basis
      to disprove any statement they have made. They can also answer your
      questions. They'll then post what they have received along with a
      response. The input from others will be a terrific addition to the
      site. I've had people respond to me wanting answers that I can't
      adequately provide, but I think this will do it.

      I love this feature, as it gives everyone the chance to voice what
      they think or what they have learned and gives them a chance to
      prove all things. One reader really wasn't happy with what was
      written about the "666" and got a response which cleared it up for
      me. If you should want to read this particular email and the
      response you can get to it by clicking on the [X] by the 666 page
      (#82) in the index.

      Anyhow, there are numerous pages and subjects in their index so
      perhaps some of you would like to write in if you have any questions
      or take issue with what's said. Remember to cite scripture when
      challenging what's written. With all of the questions and different
      viewpoints out there, it could get interesting. They simply want to
      show that what is provided is 100% SCRIPTURAL. Don't Believe It?
      Challenge It!

      This link will get you there.