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3meta de <=> kai meta (Mk 1:14)

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  • Hyeon Woo Shin
    Jun 6, 2001
      meta de <=> kai meta (Mk 1:14)

      (1) meta de (01 A L W Theta f1.13 33. Byz lat syh
      samss bopt; Or)
      (2) kai meta (B D 2427 a ff2 bomss)

      In Mk, (1) occurs only in Mk 16:9, 12 (thus in a portion which is not
      likely to have been written by Mk himself). (2), however, occurs in
      Mk 8:31; 9:2; 10:34; 14:70, and thus seems to reflect Mk's style.
      NA26.27 chooses "meta de," but "kai meta" which fits Mk's style seems
      to be more probably original.