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15Re: [textnt] Which Greek text to buy?

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  • Hyeon Woo Shin
    Nov 3, 2002
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      NA27 contains more instances of variants than UBS4
      Thus, it would be good to buy NA27 for the
      text-critical purpose. NA27 is a standard text for New
      Testament scholars.

      However, UBS4 has more detailed information for the
      few instances which it provides. Thus, it may also be
      UBS4 is a text intended to be used by Bible

      Metzger's Textual Commentary does not treat all the
      instances in NA27. Thus, someday you will not satisfy
      with that commentary. We need a more complete textual

      --- chrisbitmead <chris@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I own "Textual Commentary on the Greek New
      > Testament" by Metzger. Can
      > someone point me on Amazon.com or wherever which is
      > the best greek
      > text to use with it? The title page recommends to
      > use with UBS4. I
      > realize that NA27 and UBS4 have the same text, but I
      > don't think the
      > accompanying materials and aparatus are the same are
      > they?
      > Is it: ISBN: 3438051109 ? It doesn't actually say
      > UBS4 though.
      > On the other hand there is ISBN: 3438051087 by
      > Nestle Aland, but I'm
      > not sure if it is as good to read as with
      > Metzger's book as the UBS
      > version.

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