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Hi! I'm new here...

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  • Sandi
    Hi folks. Cindy told me about your group. I m here in New Jersey. I ve been to Texas, San Antonio - had relatives that lived there a few years back. They ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2007
      Hi folks. Cindy told me about your group. I'm here in New Jersey. I've
      been to Texas, San Antonio - had relatives that lived there a few
      years back. They've since moved to Wisconsin due to work. Anyway, I'll
      post the introduction I used for another group that I recently
      joined...since I think it is what caught Cindy's attention.

      I'm a book-a-holic, a bird-a-holic and I love my boys. I have 2
      teenage sons. By "boys" also includes my husband. LOL! My teenagers
      are running me ragged this summer. It's been a rough one.

      As a Book-A-Holic I usually read mysteries and romantic comedies but
      I'm also a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I write book reviews for RedBank.com.

      I had always loved watching the wild birds at my feeder and have been
      assisting a local wildlife rehabilitator care for and release wild
      birds for a number of years. My love of finches began August 2001
      when I was given 2 goldfinches to hand feed. I loved listening to
      their wonderful singing and watching their antics that I had "empty
      nest syndrome" when they were released. I purchased a pair of zebra
      finches and then some societies and gouldians and the obsession took
      complete control. I didn't have any hookbills until I saw a bright
      blue parakeet at my outside birdfeeder. Coming and going with the
      wild birds. It took me a week but I finally caught him. We named him
      Phantom because he was so elusive to catch. That began my love of

      Recently I sold or gave away all of my finch, totalling around 40, and
      kept the 1 canary, 2 normal bourkes and 2 pairs of English budgies. I
      have a normal grey male, 2 cinnamon grey hens and a blue spangle male.
      The normal grey and one of the cinnamon hens finally produced a
      chick, after 3 unsuccessful attempts. The baby fledged a week ago. It
      is cinnamon grey just like it's mom. The other hen is on eggs. Wish
      her luck! We also share our home with "Trouble", a starling. We found
      him last summer, with a broken leg. It took some time to heal and
      winter was upon us and we became attached to him. He talks a lot,
      "Hola Trouble. Hola." "Trouble Bubble" "Pretty. Pretty. Pretty Bird."
      "Good Bird", "you're a good bird", and the wolf whistle. He's an
      awesome addition to the feathered family we have.

      We also have 3 cats, 2 bearded dragon lizards, 1 dwarf hamster and a
      teacup chihuahua. I'm raising my children in the very house I grew up
      in. I have a home full of animals and love. It is my favorite place
      on earth.

      Whew, that's about it.
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