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periodic table ia represented as a stepped pyramid

The Periodic table of elements may be arranged in 3 dimensions as a stepped pyramid. Each chemical element is represented as a cubic block. The Janet Periodic
Mar 29, 2015

tetrahedrons have interesting application

Hi Jess- Tetrahedrons do have interesting applications. The geometry of space-time (Schwarzschild metric) may be represented as a tetrahedron. Please see my
Aug 18, 2012

Re: fundamental properties of matter

Hoping for a speedy healthy outcome. I've had some neurological issues myself, mostly having to do with hearing and vision, but nothing permanent so far.
Nov 11, 2011

fundamental properties of matter

Hi Jess Sorry I have not joined you for a while. I had a stroke a few months ago, however I am recovering now. The following is a little off topic however I
Nov 11, 2011

Re: Bottom of Pacific Ocean has billions of tons of rare earth metal

Wow, that's quite a news story! It's amazing to me that just about everything about it is positive. Not so much for poor China though as you point out. It also
Melinda Green
Jul 4, 2011

Bottom of Pacific Ocean has billions of tons of rare earth metals

http://news.yahoo.com/huge-rare-earth-deposits-found-pacific-report-000045557.html Guess China ain't gonna corner the market after all... Jess Tauber
Jul 3, 2011

Do traditional period endings have something to do with circles and

I was just looking over Eric Scerri's piece 'How good is the quantum mechanical explanation for the periodic system'
May 29, 2011

Fine Structure Constant and polygons

Ok, been working on more atomic relations. On the Wiki page for the Fine Structure Constant ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine_structure_constant ) one finds
May 20, 2011

Update on ADOMAH Periodic table

I have a good news to report regarding ADOMAH Periodic Table. 35,000 copies in English and French. Please, see email below from publisher. Best Regards, Valery
V."Larry" Tsimmerman
Apr 20, 2011

More Double (Triangular) Trouble

Rationalization of double triangular number differences between idealized orbital filling benchmark numbers: Level 0 [__0 diff.2 Level 1 [__2___0 diff 6 Level
Apr 20, 2011

simplified EFE

Hi Jess. I am a little off topic again. The Einstein Field Equation (EFE) may be simplified. A tensor may be substituted by a ratio of stress and a scalar may
Apr 12, 2011

Re: Triangular numbers and the nucleus

This is the Leftmost-Leftmost system, which is that of most of the magic numbers that we usually think of in the nuclear system: 258- 184= 74= 72+2 184- 126=
jess tauber
Apr 6, 2011

Triangular numbers and the nucleus

The nuclear shell filling pattern can be idealized as blocks somewhat analogous to what is seen in the electronic system, but organized differently. Thus
Apr 5, 2011

Re: Special Velocities

Who can say what is still yet to be discovered? The other day people announced a more precise value for the Hubble expansion of the universe- 73.8 (+/-2.4)
Mar 24, 2011

Special Velocities

Hi Jess The following is a little off topic however I hope it is of interest to the group. The speed of light in a vacuum (c) is unique, it is assumed to be
Mar 24, 2011
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