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Machinista 2004 - call for entries

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  • robbathon
    Hello all - Tesla admirers and friends (please forward) maybe particularly interested to hear about category 2: Artists Against Machinic Standards
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      Hello all - Tesla admirers and friends (please forward) maybe
      particularly interested to hear about category 2:
      "Artists Against Machinic Standards"

      participation online is free and very quick and easy, but please
      read the full briefs carefully.
      Lots of interesting works / projects from around the world
      featured already (especially from Russia) so do have a look and
      Best Wishes - Robb Mitchel

      Call For Entries - DEADLINE: 28th February 2004

      MACHINISTA 2004 - http://www.machinista.org

      Submissions for any of the following three themes are
      welcomed in any media.

      1. "Art from the Machine: gleams of the inhuman" Works
      created completely or mostly by a machine or an
      artificial intelligence system.

      2. "Artists Against Machinic Standards"
      Breaking, destroying, hacking, unexpected
      (non-utilitarian?) usage of customary programs/devices
      as an art experiment.

      3. "Full-Screen Robovision" Moving image works
      (experimental/scientific imaging, audiovisual code,
      short films, animation and VJ mixes)
      illustrating "the world as seen by machines"

      see http://www.machinista.org for more details

      Machinista is a yearly unmediated open-submission
      online exhibition.
      Creative and technological practices including visual
      and software art, science and design projects, moving
      image, experimental music and performance are featured
      in various scales and stages of development ranging
      from documentation of prototypes and exploratory
      installations to fully operational systems.
      In 2003 there were 128 submissions featured in
      Machinista plus offline events in Moscow and Perm in
      the Urals.

      An offline festival each year in a different host city
      showcases key entries to the online exhibition.
      Participants in www.machinista.org are commissioned to
      travel and present/ exhibit/install/ perform to wide
      audiences. This year, Machinista talkes place in
      Glasgow, Scotland on the weekend of May 7-9 2004 with
      some additional events later in the year in Perm,
      Also a number of participants in the online Machinista
      2004 will be awarded artist's residencies / sabbaticals in Latvia,
      St Petersburg and Vienna.

      Machinista 2004

      Machinista 2003
      http://www.machinista.ru (Russian)
      http://www.machinista.ru/en (English)

      *Supported by the Scottish Arts Council & CCA Glasgow

      (please forward - apologies for cross posting)
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