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Re: [teslafy] Teslafy Polyphase Lifter Postulations.

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  • psymund
    Hi Harvey, I must admit it is very similar to the posts of one Mark Tecson of JLN labs who reports of lifter capabilities and the input requirements at a nano
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      Hi Harvey,
        I must admit it is very similar to the posts of one Mark Tecson of JLN labs who reports of lifter capabilities and the input requirements at a nano scale input. I'm sure I've seen your name on the JLN Labs list..... so inquiries are a formality.  Give him a shout as I'm sure he'd  give a helping hand.  He seeks validations as much as anyone. Yours would be a big feather in his cap and likewise.  care to adventure? may your efforts be rewarded.
                                                                                                          kind regards, Chuck Farrar 
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      Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 2:56 PM
      Subject: [teslafy] Teslafy Polyphase Lifter Postulations.

      Certain signs from the crop circle have become evident
      to me. At first glance it seems that we have
      overlooked the obvious. Perhaps the crop circle shows
      us how to construct a spacecraft? Hence we can start
      laying out the dimensions of the craft according to
      certain ideas. As a power source we use a three phase
      alternator. The principle lies in constructing the
      triangular induction coils as windings that are
      constructed to be wound across the adjacent phases
      plate capacity.  The possibility of lift from such a
      "spatial juxtaposing of three phase resonances" means
      that unequal Lorentz forces by E X B considerations
      would exist, with a special proviso added, whereby the
      dielectric currents should also contact in series an
      actual conductive segment that allows for real
      electric drift currents to exist within the space of
      the reacting magnetic field, thus in actuality for the
      three phase case, where that conductive segment be
      allowed rotation from the ExB reaction, it would not,
      because the ExB forces were not entirely in one
      direction, but rather those forces are still of a AC
      nature. It is by procurring the phase angle of 90
      degrees that the lorentz force reactions then become
      unidirectional. From this point in the thinking, some
      kind of gyroscopic reaction force would be needed to
      coax out the obvious Lorentz force reaction to be
      demonstrated as a further generator/motor action.
      Rotating the ring segment in this analogy means making
      a rotation or force at 90 degrees to the action of the
      lorentz force. And if this were true that momentum
      would be transfered to the craft to demonstrate a
      unidirectional force. Two of this gymbal based rings
      in 90 degree angles in space are thought necessary to
      employ lift in this design.

      So for beginers we have to look at what the dimensions
      will allow. As the experimental design we have three
      solid state NST's that can procur ~ 18,000 hz. The
      first design criteria becomes what will be the
      inductance of the field coils, and its availability of
      volume area to encompass plate capacities. For
      estimations then using sheets of plexiglass, we can
      procur about 2 nf per phase. The coils will need to be
      a value that will resonate at 18 K. I will let this
      project go for now, and return to calculations later.
      Folks are welcome to make their own calculations
      regarding such a lifter. I would say these initial
      designs are only "idea prototypes" This is because of
      the yet unsolved problems regarding the production of
      resonant phases at 90 degree phase angles. For this
      project here, because we are still working in the
      stone age to some respect,so at the present to
      construct the idea into reality expectation would
      necesitate using a set of three phase alternators
      geared at 90 degree phase angles with respect to each
      other. Luckily such a 6 phase system is also available
      to be used as a power input for future testings. But
      first we have to speculate what the feasible sizings
      would involve.

      In fact the whole thing rolls down the assembly line
      as an unfinished product, because little if anything
      is known about the limitations involved with
      resonances of such high frequencies, in fact there are
      probably staggering losses involved. One could
      postulate that it would take years of R&D before even
      the plans for such a lifter could be made, but however
      without knowing what limitations will come into play,
      the components can still be sized out. In fact when we
      make the future adaptations to the circuit, we can
      dispense with these solid state NST's instead and
      employ a three phase rf arc gap, indicated by the
      three inner circles of the crop circle. This tells us
      that if three rf rings to a tesla primary arc gap are
      themselves instead procured in WYE, three arc gaps
      will be used for each set of interphasal arcing. All
      of the inner terminals of the capacity then are
      grounded by the ship, or in this case here the tesla
      secondar(ies) would share that ground. Dont mind me,
      I'm just mumbling to myself about several ideas at the
      same time. One of these would be to represent the
      center circle of the crop circle as a bipolar
      secondary, where for best performance each of the
      bases of the coils would be line coupled to the inner
      tri-terminal connection of resonant capacities. Sort
      of a three phase autotransformer application I would

      Sincerely speculative.

      Now back to the crop circle, apparently the spirals
      are extracted in WYE. Is this not the simplest
      overunity circuit? Has this same circuit not been
      tested about two years ago and found to be an example
      that defies Ohms law? It is that component I believe
      that if tested at ordinary power transfer ranges would
      tell us more information. The former tests were made
      with severe overloading of the stator, where an open
      circuit voltage of 14.5 volts was reduced to only 1
      volt when the single spirals were wired in wye.

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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